Alla scoperta dei pomodori arancioni con Inserbo

Discovering orange tomatoes with Inserbo

Green, red, yellow, orange: the colors of tomatoes are many and waiting to be explored. If the classic red tomato is now placed alongside the yellow one, which is increasingly popular in the kitchen and on the market, orange cherry tomatoes still represent a little-known novelty.
In this article we want to introduce you to this small and tasty fruit to invite you to try it in many new recipes.

Orange cherry tomato: history, taste and properties

In America, the original continent of our beloved tomatoes, some types of this wonderful garden fruit are classified under the name of "heirloom tomatoes", that is, "heirloom tomatoes", because they represent the legacy of pre-nineteenth-century local agriculture. Among these, tangerine tomatoes stand out, which are actually orange tomatoes .
The taste of this color family, both in the larger and "pocket" versions of the orange datterino tomato , is characterized by intense, pleasantly sweet and refreshing notes, which pervade a firm pulp with few seeds and a particularly thin skin.
Furthermore, on a nutritional level, orange cherry tomatoes contain a notable amount of lycopene, a very precious antioxidant available in larger quantities and in a different format (tetra-cis, more easily absorbed by the body) compared to the classic red tomato.

Irresistible preserves: Inserbo's orange cherry tomatoes

For preserves based on orange tomatoes , Inserbo selects the best products offered by the high altitude Campania lands that stretch between Pimonte and Agerola, cultivated among the vineyards and rows of quince trees. Thanks to the powerful temperature variations between day and night, this place allows the fruits to reach perfect organoleptic ripeness which enhances colours, aromas and flavours.
To celebrate the unmistakable taste of the orange datterino tomato , Inserbo offers two natural preserves in which the characteristics of this particular fruit emerge in all their authenticity: we are talking about the whole orange cherry tomatoes in water and salt and the crushed orange cherry tomatoes , perfect for bruschetta and quick condiments.

Orange tomatoes: recipes to try

Orange tomatoes, tempting recipes and appetite: with these three "ingredients" you can prepare truly phenomenal delicacies.
Do you want to surprise your table with a simple but highly effective first course? Play with spaghetti with three tomatoes, a delicious dish in which orange, red and yellow cherry tomatoes create a swirl of colors and flavors in the company of garlic and plenty of fresh basil.
If, however, you are looking for a tasty appetizer, toast some slices of homemade bread and season them with crushed orange tomatoes , plenty of extra virgin olive oil and curls of tasty cheese such as a good semi-mature pecorino.
And second? Simple (and very quick): an alternative caprese prepared with very fresh burrata and a side dish of orange cherry tomatoes seasoned to taste - the combination between the milky sweetness of the dairy notes and the fresh one of the cherry tomatoes will be truly explosive.

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