Il pomodoro San Marzano DOP: caratteristiche e storia

The San Marzano DOP tomato: characteristics and history

The San Marzano tomato from the Sarnese-Nocerino countryside (DOP) is a precious Italian fruit and vegetable product originating from the province of Salerno. The "Red Gold" of Campania is used for the preparation of peeled tomatoes, preserves and purees with an incredibly fresh and intense flavour.
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San Marzano tomato history

Theories and legends say that San Marzano tomato seeds arrived in Campania in the eighteenth century as a propitiatory gift to the king of Naples from the viceroy of Peru (remember, in fact, that well before becoming an Italian excellence, the tomato was a typical "new world"). Arriving in the area of ​​present-day San Marzano sul Sarno, the seeds found exceptionally fertile soil in the volcanic soil typical of the area and developed a prosperous crop that gave rise to a long tradition of preserves based on the distinctive flavor of this fruit with its intoxicating scent .

San Marzano tomato characteristics

Tomatoes of the San Marzano variety have peculiar characteristics that make them easily recognisable: the fruits have a typical elongated shape and a size usually between six and eight centimeters and the color when ripe is a beautiful bright red. The thin peel peels off easily and contains an elastic and full-bodied pulp that is almost seedless. The internal section of the fruit has two or three lodges and the flavor is characteristically sweet and sour, with notable freshness and intensity.
The density of the pulp, compact and fleshy, means that the San Marzano does not crush during processing, giving rise to firm peeled tomatoes and consistent sauces.

San Marzano tomatoes recipes

The San Marzano tomato lends itself to an infinite number of succulent recipes: from tasty and versatile dried tomatoes to the most original caprese tomatoes, from roasted tomatoes (pure or au gratin) to bruschetta up to the inevitable sauces based on rich ripe pulp or tasty puree with a velvety consistency.

Using San Marzano tomatoes in the kitchen is simple and tasty: just buy quality fruits at the right point of ripeness, wash them quickly under running water, cut them in half and eliminate the green part found inside with the few seeds . If you like, you can also remove the skin with the appropriate tool or blanch the tomatoes for a few moments, making sure that it comes away easily from the pulp.

San Marzano Naples

The relationship between San Marzano tomatoes and Neapolitan cuisine is legendary. Just think of the Neapolitan ragù, the pizzaiola sauce and the inevitable spaghetti "c'a pummarola" - all simple yet irresistibly delicious recipes. To best replicate them at home, wherever you find it, being able to count on the right tomato certainly makes the difference: this is why knowing how to choose a good San Marzano, whether fresh or preserved, becomes fundamental.

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