Collection: Piennolo cherry tomatoes

Exclusivity and Taste: The Piennolo Tomato

Discover the uniqueness of the Piennolo tomato, a gem of the Campania agricultural tradition. Grown on the slopes of Vesuvius, this cherry tomato stands out for its intense flavor and long shelf life. Buy online and enjoy the difference of a product with a thousand-year history.

Unique Characteristics: Piennolo PDO Tomato

The Piennolo Tomato is recognized for its particular shape and its incredible resistance to natural conservation. Our selection is hand-harvested in the volcanic lands of Vesuvius, following traditional methods that enhance its taste and quality.Buy Piennolo cherry tomatoes onlineto enrich your dishes with a rich and authentic flavour, ideal for sauces and condiments with a strong character.

Easy Purchase: Bring Vesuvius into your kitchen

With just a few clicks, the Piennolo Tomato can reach your table, bringing with it the warmth and richness of the volcanic soil of which it is born.Buy Piennolo cherry tomato preserves onlinefor culinary experiences that combine simplicity and intensity of flavours.Choose authenticity, choose tradition, choose the real Piennolo tomatoto make each dish an unforgettable experience.

Explore our selection and buy now to start your journey into the unique flavors of Campania.