Tutti i vantaggi delle verdure conservate in vetro

All the advantages of vegetables preserved in glass

To preserve our products we have chosen to use mainly glass containers for preserves that could maintain the taste and aroma of the preparations unaltered without the risk of contamination. Continue reading to discover the advantages of this traditional and highly appreciated material.

Glass preserving jars: why do we like them?

In addition to being the material of choice for vacuum-packed preserves, glass boasts a smooth pore-free surface that does not absorb or release any type of substance, making this type of jar particularly hygienic. In addition, its thermal insulating capacity limits temperature changes and allows the contents of the package to be preserved for longer.
Furthermore, beyond these important factors, glass jars for preserves represent a particularly eco-sustainable consumer choice: natural, reusable and infinitely recyclable, this traditional material is friendly to the environment and aquatic species.
For these reasons, glass, despite some obvious limitations such as the weight and relative fragility of the material, is experiencing a new season of great popularity. Taking up the data from the 2016 European Survey on consumers' perception of glass, in fact, we discover that it is the preferred material for 91% of Italians and 85% of Europeans. The roots of this predilection are linked to the desire to respect the environment (76%) and the confidence in the fact that it is the safest material for the protection of food safety (53%).
On the other hand, it is undeniable that the most noble foods of our culture are usually preserved in glass: extra virgin olive oil, wine, balsamic vinegar... and tomato sauce, of course!

Insertion: vegetables preserved in glass, tomatoes and legumes

In our showcase of delicacies throughout the year you can find many products carefully entrusted to the custody of glass containers for preserves , just like they used to do in the past.
Our jars safeguard the colour, aroma and taste of the raw materials that we select so carefully: we go from pureed to whole or crushed tomatoes, from sauces to bruschettas, from roasted vegetables to seasoned or plain organic legumes.
Thanks to transparent containers we can show the consumer the inviting beauty of preserves that maintain the pure and appetizing appearance of simple and genuine preparations. Choose your favorite product and observe the contents through the glass of the preserving jars: we bet you will already have your mouth watering and lots of ideas for transforming our ingredients into a delicious dish.

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