Verdure e pomodori secchi sott'olio: ricetta della nonna Inserbo

Vegetables and dried tomatoes in oil: grandmother Inserbo's recipe

Preparation time
180 minutes
Cooking time
0 minutes
Total time
180 minutes
Cuisine type


  • Verdure a scelta (es. melanzane, peperoni, zucchine)
  • Aceto di vino bianco o di mele
  • Sale grosso
  • Olio extravergine d'oliva
  • Aglio (facoltativo)
  • Peperoncino (facoltativo)
  • Erbe aromatiche a scelta (es. rosmarino, timo, alloro, basilico)

In the appetizing display case of Inserbo there are colorful delights capable of igniting the imagination of all people passionate about ancient country flavours: they are our roasted vegetables, small masterpieces of tradition and simplicity that allow you to bring all the magic to the table in a few simple gestures of flavors not to be forgotten.

Dried tomatoes in oil: Neapolitan recipe

The recipe for dried tomatoes in oil used by Inserbo is the simple, genuine and unmistakable one of Campania grandmothers: we only use perfectly ripe non-GMO tomatoes which, once roasted, are seasoned with a drop of wine vinegar and a pinch of salt, quality oregano, chilli, garlic and capers before being placed under glass in sunflower oil.

Mushrooms in oil: traditional recipe

For our mushrooms in oil we grill very fresh and fleshy Pleurotus on a griddle which we enhance with a seasoning based on natural aromas such as chilli pepper, garlic and parsley.
Those who love "grandmother's recipe" mushrooms in oil will just need to open the jar capsule to recognize the pleasantly pungent scent of quality mushrooms preserved with a touch of vinegar to keep the unmistakable flavor of the raw material in the foreground.
If you too would like to learn how to make mushrooms in oil but don't know how to preserve mushrooms in glass jars correctly, don't risk it and focus on the quality offered by those who specialize in the healthy and tasty preservation of the best vegetable delights.

Aubergines in oil: grandmother's recipe

For our roasted aubergines in oil, we work the fresh product by hand by searing it on a griddle to preserve colour, consistency and flavour. A skilful blend of oregano, garlic and chilli pepper enhances the characteristic taste of seasonal aubergines and explains how preserving aubergines in glass jars has become a true Inserbo talent.

Artichokes in a jar: traditional recipe

Inserbo preserves whole and sliced ​​artichokes through careful and healthy charcoal grill cooking whose enveloping aftertaste is enriched by fresh aromatic herbs and top quality spices. Rediscover the pleasure of authentic homemade artichokes in oil : the flavor of the past in a new, more practical and safe guise.

Neapolitan Friarielli: local delicacy

This typical and indispensable vegetable from Campania is seared fresh and seasoned with a mixture of natural flavors inspired by home recipes. The flavor of grilled broccoli meets salt, oil, garlic and chilli to offer you the sparkle of a unique taste at any time.

Put an unmissable combination of naturalness, explosive flavor and functionality in your pantry: choose Inserbo pickled vegetables for a versatile and imaginative cooking experience.

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