Sughi pronti: come si usano? I consigli di Inserbo

Ready sauces: how to use them? Inserbo's advice

Preparation time
5 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes
Total time
35 minutes
Cuisine type


  • 500 ml di passata di pomodoro di alta qualità
  • 2 spicchi d'aglio
  • 3 cucchiai d'olio extravergine d'oliva
  • Sale fino q.b.
  • Un pizzico di zucchero (opzionale)
  • Foglie di basilico fresco
  • Pepe nero fresco macinato (opzionale)

Do you love enjoying and serving delicious dishes but don't always have time to cook for a long time? Find out how to make pasta with ready-made sauce and your favorite ingredients to prepare exquisite dishes using quality preserves.

How to use ready-made sauces and preserves

With this article, our mission is to reveal how to cook Inserbo ready-made sauces to obtain restaurant-quality first courses.
In our pantry you will find five irresistible proposals to prepare as many traditional dishes or to create original dishes starting from rich and genuine flavours: there is tomato puree with basil , a super versatile preparation perfect for cooking rustic and tasty condiments; but there are also four ready-made sauces based on some of the most popular recipes of the Italian tradition: "arredata ", Sicilian sauce , Neapolitan sauce, and " puttanesca " with garlic, capers and olives.

To make an amazing first course you can start from the simplest and fastest option: an excellent plate of pasta with ready-made sauce. In this case we advise you to choose a good Italian durum wheat pasta, possibly with a porous and welcoming texture such as that obtained through bronze drawing, so that the rough surface can accommodate and hold the sauce as best as possible.

Once you have chosen the format you prefer, the pasta can be cooked in the traditional way with the only precautions being to limit the salt during cooking (perhaps tasting the ready sauce to calibrate the final flavor of the dish) and to drain the pasta whilst still al dente. so that you can sauté it in the pan with the heated sauce for a few minutes (it must not dry out: if it happens, thin it out slightly with a drop of cooking water) so as to allow the best possible distribution of the seasoning while cooking is completed.

Naturally, a good ready-made sauce lends itself to many other opportunities: you can use it as a filling for a light parmigiana with grilled aubergines or to season a ready-made focaccia base, but also to cook substantial dishes such as tasty stewed meatballs (meat or legumes). ), slices pizzaiola or eggs "in purgatory" or "in tripe".

Tomato sauce recipe with ready-made puree

Inserbo sauces are ready to be consumed but no one is stopping you from personalizing them by using them as a base to quickly and easily create delicious "tailor-made" condiments. Any examples? You can enrich ourready-made arrabbiata sauce with tuna in olive oil, add diced cooked ham to our jarred puttanesca or incorporate courgette slices into the Sicilian sauce .
If you love adding a pinch of creativity to every dish, our tomato puree with basil will be the perfect ally to create always different dishes starting from the cravings of the moment and what you have in the pantry.

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