Friselle al pomodoro: i segreti per farle perfette

Tomato friselle: the secrets to making them perfect

Preparation time
15 minutes
Cooking time
0 minutes
Total time
15 minutes
Cuisine type


  • Friselle (quantità a piacere, dipende dal numero di persone)
  • Pomodori maturi, preferibilmente di tipo insalataro (circa 2 pomodori grandi per 4 friselle)
  • Olio extravergine d'oliva (q.b.)
  • Origano secco
  • Sale (a piacere)
  • Aglio (1 spicchio, opzionale)
  • Basilico fresco (a piacere)

Tomato friselle : very fresh, versatile and super customizable. If you haven't yet mastered the art of seasoning these perfect delights for the summer, Inserbo reveals all the tricks to make them even better. Let's begin?

Tomato friselle: recipe and ingredients

Friselle, tomato , salt, oil, vinegar, seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs: here is everything you need to bring a typical dish of our South to the table.
The base is obviously the "frisella", a sort of large biscuit tarallo obtained from the double baking in the oven of loaves made from durum wheat or multigrain flour, which can be purchased both in supermarkets and in shops selling typical products. To accompany the frisella, soaked and left whole or chopped depending on tradition, diced tomato is a must and, based on taste, a mix of vegetables is added such as fresh cucumbers, Tropea onion, celery, garlic and the essential herbs scented, but also capers, olives, giardiniera or caponata.

Preparation of tomato friselle

If you have prepared your favorite ingredients, it's time to find out how to make tomato friselle .
The first, fundamental step is the "sponzatura" of the frisella: this bread product, in fact, is hardened to such an extent by the second cooking that consuming it naturally would be really difficult. To make it soft again, the frisella is soaked ("sponzata") in cold water - originally sea water was used - immersing it for a few seconds so that it softens without falling apart.
At this point you can season the base with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of EVO oil and then add the required seasoning, ranging from tomato and basil friselle to gourmet versions such as friselle with dried tomatoes , burrata and anchovies.

How to season tomato friselle: suggestions

Here are some combinations of ingredients that can give life to always different and appetizing friselle:

  • Barese mix: "sponzare" the frisella in a mix of water, tomato sauce and a drop of white wine and then season them with baby artichokes and lampascioni.
  • Neapolitan mix: season the wet frisella with chopped tomato , chopped garlic, EVO oil, oregano and fresh basil, with the possibility of adding green olives and tuna or salted anchovies.
  • Salad mix: season excellent wholemeal friselle with yellow tomatoes , diced celery and carrots, thinly sliced ​​cucumber and radishes.

Now that you know perfectly how to prepare tomato friselle , you won't have a hard time imagining a condiment for tomato-free friselle for those who can't eat this food: green light for julienned raw vegetables, avocado, fresh cheeses and fish - the only limit is your imagination!

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