Buono e particolare: alla scoperta del pomodoro tigrato

Good and special: discovering the striped tomato

The striped tomato is a tasty novelty for the eyes and the palate: the mottled color of the skin attracts our attention, but what wins us over is the fresh and decisive flavor released by a dense and firm pulp.

Read on to learn more about this delicacy.

Tiger tomatoes: origin and characteristics

Tiger tomatoes or cherry tomatoes (also called "striated" or "zebra") are born from the crossing of traditional varieties and represent the result of years of research conducted by American farmers greedy for innovation in the 80s of the last century. The combinatorial nature of this very young type of fruit combines different aromas in a pulp with an interesting consistency, closer to that of green tomatoes than to that of typical sauce or puree varieties. The taste, delicately acidic and pleasantly aromatic, surpasses the ideal ripeness point and approaches that of red tomatoes: for this reason it is important to harvest the striped tomato at the right time.

In any case, the unmistakable aesthetics of the striped types is a question of surface: when cut, in fact, even the striped cherry tomatoes with the typical vertical striped skin reveal a uniformly colored red pulp.

Tiger datterino tomato

Among the countless varieties of lycopersicum esculentum (our beloved tomato) we also find the brindle datterino, a small fruit that grows in lush bunches. The intense flavor is characterized by an excellent balance in the relationship between acids and sugars, while the firm and slightly watery consistency invites the preparation of colorful salads or quick cooking sauces that keep the natural aromas of the fruit intact.

Black tiger tomato

The black brindle tomato certainly stands out for its original color but also for the consistency of the skin, thick and very tasty. Perfect for fresh consumption and for the decorative completion of savory dishes, this particular striped tomato owes its deep nuances to a high presence of anthocyanins and contains excellent quantities of lycopene, a powerful natural antioxidant.

The brindles of Inserbo

Among the latest innovations arriving in the Inserbo pantry there is a place of honor reserved for the tiger tomato , which we have transformed into a practical and tasty glass preserve: in our jars you will find all the flavor and aroma of fresh tiger tomatoes of the day immersed in water and salt. Simple, natural and absolutely irresistible: click here to purchase them and immediately try the taste of a fabulous new ingredient for your recipes.

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