Gazpacho di pomodoro veloce con passata

Quick tomato gazpacho with puree

Preparation time
15 minutes
Cooking time
180 minutes
Total time
195 minutes
Cuisine type


  • 1 kg di pomodori maturi, pelati e senza semi
  • 1 peperone rosso, privato di semi e tagliato a pezzi
  • 1 cetriolo, sbucciato e tagliato a pezzi
  • 1 cipolla piccola, tritata
  • 1-2 spicchi d'aglio
  • 2 cucchiai di aceto di vino rosso o di sherry
  • 60 ml di olio extravergine d'oliva
  • Sale e pepe nero, a piacere
  • 1 pezzetto di pane raffermo, ammollato in acqua e strizzato (opzionale)

The tomato gazpacho it is a typical summer recipe from Andalusia which is traditionally made from fresh vegetables combined with herbs and, depending on the location, stale bread. Its light consistency, its inviting scent and the possibility of being consumed very cold make the tomato gazpacho an absolutely perfect recipe to face the warmer months with gusto: discover with us how to make a cold tomato soup inspired by the "real" gazpacho but particularly simple and quick.

Tomato gazpacho: the “smart” alternative

The typical Spanish gazpacho it requires a moderately laborious preparation which requires cleaning a large quantity of fresh vegetables, softening some stale bread and then blending the various ingredients. However, while appreciating the undisputed goodness of the original preparation, I insert it with its own “smart gazpacho” recipe has thought of all the gourmets who want to eat a very fresh, summery and energizing dish despite only having a few minutes available to prepare it and bring it to the table. Shall we experiment?

Gazpacho: quick recipe Inserbo

It is not difficult to recognize the key flavors at first taste gazpacho: tomato , cucumber and garlic dominate, often accompanied by peppers and onion in richer recipes. To create our own reinterpretation and propose an original “quick tomato gazpacho” recipe we decided to maintain these traditional aromas with a few small twists. Here are the ingredients you need to make a simple and tasty cold soup inspired by the classic Andalusian workhorse:

    The first step to make our recipe "smart" was to replace the tomatoes for gazpacho with our organic ready-made puree, rich in aromas and perfumes but conveniently available in bottles. To make our quick gazpacho-like, all you need to do is combine the tomato puree, the pickles quickly rinsed under running water, the fresh garlic clove, plenty of EVO oil and the aromas dosed according to your personal taste in a blender. To make this super quick gourmet gazpacho , moreover, just add some small croutons, fresh vegetable sticks, red onion rings or a generous spoonful of Greek yogurt to enrich the dish!

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