5 ricette con passata di pomodoro veloci e sfiziose

5 quick and delicious recipes with tomato puree

Preparation time
5 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes
Total time
35 minutes
Cuisine type


  • 500 ml di passata di pomodoro di alta qualità
  • 2 spicchi d'aglio
  • 3 cucchiai d'olio extravergine d'oliva
  • Sale fino q.b.
  • Un pizzico di zucchero (opzionale)
  • Foglie di basilico fresco
  • Pepe nero fresco macinato (opzionale)

There are so many quick recipes with tomato puree suitable for all seasons. Today we want to share with you 5 ideas for using Inserbo puree to create irresistible and easy-to-prepare dishes even for less experienced cooks.

Tomato sauce with puree recipe

Among the thousand recipes with tomato puree , one of the most popular is certainly the recipe tomato and basil sauce with puree . To prepare it, all you need is some good durum wheat semolina pasta, ours organic tomato puree and a few fresh basil leaves (we'll reveal a trick: if you prefer you can use ours directly rustic tomato puree with basil !). Heat some good EVO oil in a pan, pour in the puree, let it cook for 6-7 minutes and sauté the al dente pasta to serve a simple and tasty first course in a very short time.

Yellow tomato puree: aromatic and colorful recipes

To make excellent ones recipes with yellow tomato puree you can rework dishes that are traditionally prepared with the classic red sauce: enhance the sweet taste of this variety with the amatriciana recipe with tomato puree , very easy to prepare with ours puree of yellow tomatoes (recipe traditional, different puree) adding it to the bacon melted in the pan and then sautéing the pasta with plenty of seasoned pecorino.

Second course recipes with tomato puree

On the second course it is possible to prepare different ones light recipes with tomato puree which require little time but guarantee guaranteed success. One of the simplest and most effective is certainly that of tomato omelettes, tasty and substantial: to obtain the pancakes, simply beat 3 eggs with 3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs and 3 tablespoons of grated cheese, cook generous spoonfuls of dough in a pan with a drizzle of oil to obtain well-cooked omelettes (two minutes per side will be enough) and dip them in a delicious sauce obtained by reducing the tomato puree with oil, salt and oregano.

Recipes with tomato puree and potatoes

Stewed potatoes are a highly satiating dish with a rich and pleasantly traditional flavour, a comfort food simple and economical to include in the home recipe book. Preparing it is very simple: just heat some olive oil with cloves of garlic to taste and some thinly sliced ​​onion, add the potatoes cut into regular pieces and leave to simmer with the full-bodied sauce. Between recipes with tomato puree , this will please adults and children with ingredients that are very easy to find and cook.

Tomato soup with puree recipe

With a pass of tomato “grandma's recipe” like those proposed by Inserbo you can also recover bread that is a few days old by preparing a delicious tomato soup, one of the strong dishes of Tuscan cuisine. To make it you will need some slices of stale bread to toast and rub with fresh garlic which will then be covered in the pan with plenty of tomato puree and vegetable broth. After cooking for about forty minutes and a few turns of the spoon, the slices of bread will have transformed into a rustic and very tasty cream to be enjoyed with plenty of raw olive oil and a few basil leaves.

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