Alla scoperta dei pomodorini gialli con Inserbo

Discovering yellow cherry tomatoes with Inserbo

Yellow cherry tomatoes are small, fragrant and very sweet fruits with a truly particular aroma. Inserbo has made them the protagonists of various special preserves: it's time to delve deeper!

Yellow tomatoes: geographical origin

The yellow Campania tomato is a real pride for local growers: planted and nourished on the slopes of Vesuvius or in the Salerno area of ​​Corbara, it comes in different varieties that share a pleasantly sweet flavor and the absence of the typical acidity of the "classics" tomatoes.
For this reason it is not uncommon, in Campania, to find very inviting pizzas seasoned with yellow pulp or sauce: a real feast for the eyes and the palate!

Yellow cherry tomatoes: characteristics

This ingredient with its bright color and unmistakable taste has become part of the list of Traditional Agri-Food Products (PAT) and is characterized by five factors: small size, oval shape, golden color (it seems that the name Pomo d'Oro comes from hence!), delicately savory taste and a high pectin content which makes it particularly suitable for sauces, creams and gravies.

Yellow tomatoes: properties

Yellow datterini tomatoes are rich in antioxidants capable of fighting free radicals and contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A and group B vitamins. Rich in water, fiber and mineral salts (especially potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and magnesium), these small fruits also have an interesting beta-carotene content which helps us preserve tan and eye health.
Furthermore, with yellow cherry tomatoes we don't have to worry about calories and fat: 100 grams contain approximately 15 kcal and only 0.26 grams of fat.

How to use yellow tomatoes: cooking tips

The absence of acidity that differentiates yellow cherry tomatoes from the classic red variants of the fruit is the characteristic that makes this product perfect for use in the preparation of fish or seafood-based dishes, whose delicate and particular flavor is enhanced and not overshadowed.
However, when used to season a good pizza, the yellow Campania tomato expresses itself best in combination with savory ingredients (such as capers and anchovies), the rich flavor of cooked vegetables and the robust taste of buffalo mozzarella.
Yellow cherry tomatoes are truly versatile: try them on toasted bread for an impressive aperitif or use a golden puree to serve a special first course.

Yellow tomatoes: where to find them

Inserbo selects the best yellow cherry tomatoes from Corbara grown on the Lattari Mountains to make practical, genuine and truly delicious preserves: yellow cherry tomatoes natural or in juice, datterino puree and the irresistible Bruschettata with basil, garlic and chilli pepper.

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